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Today's Air Quality

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Air Quality Index
Ground-Level Ozone Index is 33 (Good)
Fine Particulate Index is 33 (Good)
Coarse Particulate Index is 57 (Moderate)
Carbon Monoxide Index is 4 (Good)
Sulfur Dioxide Index is 1 (Good)
Nitrogen Dioxide Index is 1 (Good)
Pollen Count East
Mulberry is 323 (High)
Juniper is 11 (Low)
Grass is 27 (Medium)
Acacia is 4 (Low)
Unidentified is 5 (Low)
Cottonwood is 12 (Low)
Pine is 4 (Low)
Ash is 41 (Medium)
Mormon Tea is 5 (Low)
Sycamore is 9 (Low)
Pollen Count West
Grass is 2 (Low)
Juniper is 7 (Low)
Mulberry is 5 (Low)
Oak is 2 (Low)
Unidentified is 4 (Low)
Ok to Burn?
Yes, Stove or Fireplace Only