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Propane Gas Tank Disposal

How to properly dispose of unwanted propane tanks

Propane gas cylinders are used to fuel items including gas grills, torches, and camping equipment such as stoves, lanterns, and heaters. Propane cylinders are either single-use or refillable.

Propane is flammable and explosive.

An empty tank still contains a small amount of propane gas, and may explode in a garbage truck or when the garbage is processed. Propane tanks in garbage are a safety hazard to people and can damage equipment.

Most scrap metal yards will not accept intact propane tanks, even if they are empty.

Single-use or Small Refillable Propane Disposal

Take unusable or unwanted propane tanks (single-use or refillable) to a propane marketer, pressurized gas retailer, or gas service company.

Large Propane Cylinder Disposal

Local companies that will accept up to 100-pound refillable Propane Cylinders for disposal, including Coleman 16-ounce/1-pound propane canisters, as of June 2017:

R&L Enterprise1
Only accepts propane and propane tanks. Does not accept any other hazardous waste material.
14305 Central NW (Exit 149 off Interstate 40 (Atrisco Vista), 1 mi west on N. Frontage located in RV park)
Albuquerque, NM 87121


1. SWMD recommends contacting the company prior to the drop-off of cylinder.