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Home Care & Maintenance Waste

How to properly dispose of cleaners and other common home care products
Material May Be Reused or Recycled May Be Poured Down the Drain May Be Placed in Trash for Landfill Take to HHWCC
Basin, Tub, Tile, Window Cleaners   X1    
Bleach   X1,2    
Toilet Bowl Disinfectants   X1    
Dry Cleaning Fluid, Spot Remover       X
Glue (solvent-based)     X3 X
Glue (water-based)     X3  
Mothballs       X
Upholstery Cleaner (detergent-based)   X1    
Upholstery Cleaner (solvent-based)       X
Copper, Silver Polish     X3,4  
Floor, Furniture Polish       X
Rust Remover     X X
Light Bulbs, Tubes     X  
Flea Collars     X  
Fertilizer       X
Fungicides, Insecticides, Rat Poison       X
Roach Killer       X
Weed Killer       X
Empty Containers     X  


  1. Pour small amounts down the drain with plenty of water; rinse containers thoroughly before discarding.
  2. Do not dispose of in septic tank.
  3. Solidify with absorbent material before placing in the trash.
  4. Evaporate contents before discarding.