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Personal Care Waste

How to properly dispose of personal care and hygiene waste items
Material May Be Reused or Recycled May Be Poured Down the Drain May Be Placed in Trash for Landfill Take to HHWCC
Cosmetics     X  
Hair Permanent   X1    
Head Lice Shampoo   X1    
Over the Counter Medicine (liquid and non-liquid)       X
Prescription Medicine (liquid and non-liquid)       X
Antibiotics     X3  
Nail Polish     X2  
Nail Polish Remover     X2 X
Perfume/Shaving Lotion   X1    
Rubbing Alcohol   X1    
Shoe Polish     X  
Hearing Aid Batteries     X  


  1. Pour small amounts down the drain with plenty of water; rinse containers thoroughly before discarding.
  2. Solidify with absorbent material before discarding.
  3. Keep in original container; can add cooking oil or water to solid drugs before recapping. Double bag, then put in the trash.