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Alert: Government Payment and COVID Testing Scams

Beware of fake emails and texts about stimulus, unemployment payments, or COVID tests and testing sites.

Beware of fake emails and texts about Stimulus or Unemployment payments.

Think twice if you receive an email from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) saying that you can get a third Economic Impact Payment by clicking on a link that lets you “access the form for your additional information” and “get help” with the application. The link is a trick. If you click it, a scammer might steal your money and your personal information to commit identity theft.          It’s yet another version of the classic government impersonator scam.

If you receive a text message asking for you to click a link regarding your Unemployment Insurance (UI) claim this may be a fraud attempt to collect your personal identifiable information.

  • Know that the government will NEVER call, text, email, or contact you on social media saying you owe money, or to offer help getting a third Economic Impact Payment (EIP). For legitimate stimulus payment information, visit the IRS website:
  • New Mexico Department of Workforce Solutions (NMDWS) has stopped all text messages, unless you indicated you prefer to get information from them by text.

For more UI  information:

Be careful when ordering a COVID test or visiting a testing site. The Center for COVID Control LLC (a testing provider that has set up sites in Albuquerque) is being investigated by state and federal agencies for delayed and inaccurate test results and deceptive practices. Here is how to make sure you get a legitimate test: