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General Information

Request for Proposal (RFP) General Information Packets for respective projects will be available two weeks prior to proposal due dates.

Legal Notices

Approved SAC Requests For Proposal legal notices.

Project Number Ad Date Due Date Project Name
8010.00 8/26/15 9/30/15

 Engineering Consultants for City Wide-On Call

NPDES and MS4 Engineering Compliance

6755.70 9/2/15 9/29/15

Engineering Services for Data Collection and

Extraction within Public R.O.W

7103 9/9/15 10/1/15

 Environmental Engineering Consultants for City Wide

On Call Environmental Engineering Services

5724.92 9/9/15 10/7/15

 Architectural Services for Pool Facility Renovations at

Los Altos Park

647100 9/23/15 10/28/15

Engineering Consultants for City Wide Engineering


Engineering, Architectural & Landscape Architectural Services

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