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2023 Metro Crime Initiative

A system-wide call to action on gun violence, addiction, and domestic violence

The Metro Crime Initiative (MCI) logo, featuring dark blue badge shape, a red rectangle, and the text Albuquerque Metro Crime Initiative, EST. 2021.

Since Mayor Keller launched the Metro Crime Initiative in 2021, MCI has brought key players in the criminal justice system together to deliver action that had been put aside for too long.

Call to Action for 2023 State Legislative Session

Actions We Can Take Now To Make The Metro Area Safer

Building safe communities and fighting crime are the top priorities for Albuquerque, but the change we need cannot be created by the City acting alone. It will take every level of  government and our community working together to fix gaps in a broken criminal justice system. Through the continuance of Albuquerque's Metro Crime Initiative (MCI), we are pursuing concrete actions in the legislature and between government and law enforcement agencies to make our communities safer now. The change we are pursuing comes from the real-world experience of police officers, reflecting the tools they need to solve problems they face daily.

Fixing the Warrant Backlog

There is a backlog of nearly 5,000 active felony warrants and 62,000 misdemeanor warrants in Bernalillo country right now. This staggering backlog represents a clear danger to New Mexicans, but it is an area where, with legislative support and funding, we have the power to make change. APD’s recent proactive warrant operations cleared 280 felony warrants in a matter of weeks, but it took resources and cannot be sustained without additional support.

That is why MCI is again supporting requests for full funding across the justice system and is committed to reducing the backlog together.

Read the Full 2023 MCI Checklist

Recent MCI News: 

Last year’s successes include:

  • Strengthened penalties for gun crimes
  • Expanded Albuquerque’s Violence Intervention Program (VIP) throughout the state
  • Gave police power to crack down on auto theft chop shops
  • Secured funding to add new judges, court staff, and more

These were important steps, but there is still a long way to go to build a criminal justice system that can protect New Mexico. MCI continues to pursue standing action items, while
identifying new areas of needed progress.

Read the Full Checklist from the 2021 MCI