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2021 Metro Crime Initiative

Action we can take now to make the metro safer.

Throughout the summer, the City of Albuquerque convened leaders from across the criminal justice system to collaborate on crime-fighting in the metro area. The Metro Crime Initiative has created a to-do list, action items the City and our partners are taking now to lower crime in Albuquerque.

The City and MCI partners went to this past state legislative session with an agenda of system-wide changes to the law and requests for funding to make our region safer. Priorities ranged from investments in our behavioral health system, stronger laws to address gun violence and repeat offenders, and funding for additional officers and judicial staff.

The results were a mixed bag but some significant successes included expanding Albuquerque’s highly successful Violence Intervention Program, strengthening penalties for gun crimes, strengthening the GPS ankle monitoring system, securing funding to help municipalities hire and retain officers, and funding to add additional judges and staff to our state’s underfunded judicial system.

It is critical to keep up this fight. MCI partners continue to work between agencies and organizations to tackle action items on the list and to advocate for the legal change that must come from the state level.

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Fight Crime

  • Fully fund public safety agencies
  • Hire more officers
  • Create retention programs for officers
  • Expand crime-fighting technology
  • Crack down on chop shops
  • Extend anti-auto theft & felony warrant partnerships
  • Fund dashboard to track criminal cases
  • Support security infrastructure for businesses
  • Coordinate to identify violent criminals
  • Invest in mobile speed enforcement

Reduce Gun Violence

  • Strengthen gun storage laws
  • Detain gun offenders until trial
  • Strengthen gun crime penalties
  • Close loopholes in Red Flag law
  • Urge gun owners to self- record serial numbers
  • Study gun violence as public health issue

Close the Revolving Door

  • Fix 24/7 ankle monitoring
  • Increase staffing in courts
  • Use grand juries to protect victims & clear backlogs
  • Limit case management orders to detainees

Strengthen Diversion

  • Expand court ordered treatment
  • Increase pre-arrest diversion offers
  • Lower cost barriers to diversion programs
  • Increase number of diversion agreements
  • Increase funding and capacity for specialty courts

Rebuild Behavioral Health System

  • Incentivize new provider services
  • Build peer support programs
  • Create 24/7 sobering center
  • Expand Turquoise Lodge
  • Increase addiction treatment services
  • Develop behavioral health career paths
  • Career training for underserved youth

Expand Violence Intervention Programs

  • Fund CABQ Violence Intervention Program
  • Expand Violence Intervention Program statewide
  • Bring restorative justice to schools

Read more about the action items.

About the Metro Crime Initiative

Throughout the summer of 2021, the Metro Crime Initiative explored a case study which follows a young adult as they move through the local criminal justice system. The case study gave a realistic situation for participants to consider and provoked ideas on how to lower crime from all sides.

Mayor Tim Keller convened leaders in New Mexico for five sessions to develop the action items outlined in this document to lower crime. We are committed to these actions.

All sessions of the Metro Crime Initiative are available for viewing on OneAlbuquerque Media, GOV-TV 16 YouTube.

Logos of various agencies participating in the Metro Crime Initiative.

The logo for the 2021 Metro Crime Initiative

An APD Officer shopping for clothes with a young girl

Three APD officers talking with APD Chief Harold Medina near a park.