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Renewables Projects

Information about Energy & Sustainability Management Renewables Project.

Worker on Solar Panels


Mayor Keller has committed to using 100 percent renewable energy for all municipal operations by 2025. With 7.5 MW onsite solar installed or planned for City buildings, and the upcoming 25 MW Solar Direct project, Albuquerque is on track to achieve over 88% renewable energy use for city operations by 2022.

As we continue to develop our roadmap to 100%, the City of Albuquerque will serve as an example for other cities looking to green their municipal operations. Completed city solar projects to date are listed below.


Albuquerque Fire Rescue

  • Fire Station 2 info
  • Fire Station 5 info
  • Fire Station 7 info
  • Fire Station 8 info
  • Fire Station 11 info
  • Fire Station 18 info
  • Fire Station 21 info
  • Fire Station 22 info

Albuquerque Police Department

  • Albuquerque Police Academy info
  • APD Forensic Lab info
  • Foot Hills APD Substation info
  • Main APD Building info
  • North West Sub Station info


  • City Of Albuquerque Sunport info

Arts & Culture

  • Albuquerque Bio Park Zoo info
  • Albuquerque Bio Park aquarium info
  • Albuquerque Museum Info
  • Central Unser Library info
  • Cherry Hills Library info
  • Main Library info

Senior Affairs

  • CASA Kitchen info

Department of Municipal Development

  • City of Albuquerque Fleet Pino Yards info

Downtown Buildings

  • Albuquerque Convention Center info

Family & Community Services

  • Alamosa Multigenerational Center info
  • Los Greigos Community Center info
  • North Domingo Baca Multigenerational Center info
  • Taylor Ranch Community Center info

Parks & Recreation

  • Ladera Golf Course info
  • Los Altos Swimming Pool info

Senior Centers

  • Barelas Senior Center info
  • Los Volcanos Senior Center info

Solid Waste

  • Cerro Colorado Land Fill info


  • City of Albuquerque Daytona Transit info
  • Montano transit station  info