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Energy & Sustainability Management Projects

Information about the projects at Energy & Sustainability Management.

The City of Albuquerque takes the management of its energy resources and “going sustainable” very seriously. As Mayor of City of Albuquerque Tim Keller has committed to using 100 percent renewable energy for all municipal operations by 2025. With 7.5 MW onsite solar installed for City buildings, and the upcoming partnership with our utility PNM commitment of  25 M.W. Solar Direct project, Albuquerque is on track to achieve over 80% renewable energy use for city operations by 2023.

As we continue to develop our roadmap to 100%, the City of Albuquerque will serve as example for other cities looking to green their municipal operations. The City of Albuquerque has accomplished a 28% reduction in our energy usage for our municipal buildings. I want to thank all my executive directors and management in assisting the City of Albuquerque to reduce the carbon footprint and reduce energy at their facilities. We started down these initiatives by conducting a building by building data analysis of our municipal facilities. We reviewed and analyzed data for over 2000 electrical accounts, over 500 Natural gas accounts and over 2000 water accounts in municipal buildings. This task allowed the city to understand the value in managing its energy load




Micro Grid


Building Efficiency Projects