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Micro-Grid Projects

Information about Energy & Sustainability Management Micro Grid Project.

Manzano Mesa Multigenerational Center Micro Grid Project ( Design Phase).

Project Purpose:

Pilot project to plan, design and implement a standalone disaster preparedness solution at the Manzano Mesa Multigenerational Center Utilize state-of-the-art technology to support an offgrid , 24/7, 7 – 14-day support for up to 300 families Provide staging and operations capabilities for first responders and relief coordinators Demonstrate a duplicatable, results oriented process and implementation.

Concept Description:

  • Design and build a microgrid encompassing the Manzano Mesa Multi Generation Center and the adjacent ballpark.
  • Serve lighting needs of the ballpark and supplies power to Manzano Mesa Center during an emergency.


Possible Power Sources:

  • PV system can be installed on the roof of the Center or on tornado-survivable, pedestals in parking lot.
  • Manzano Mesa Center supplied by photovoltaics during the day and stored energy during the night.
  • Longer duration energy needs of Center supplied by a combination of stored energy, natural gas-fired IC engines, or other non-fossil fuel generation sources.
  • Ball field lighting is 100% LEDs supplied by daytime photovoltaic energy stored in batteries.


Importance of this Concept:

  • Center serves as a shelter for families during severe emergency.
  • Design criteria for survivability: 24/7 energy needs for 7 - 14 days Reduced functionality for extended period of 30 days
  • Microgrids support the Energy Transition Act goals: Demonstrates a resilient, islanded microgrid that supports local loads or supports the grid as needed Reduces transmission congestion.
  • Emergency shelter idea can be replicated statewide.
  • Meets emergency preparedness and resiliency goals.