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Councilor Dan Champine Spotlights Crime and Public Safety in First Meeting

Councilor Champine wants up or down vote on NM Senate and House floors to deal with Catch & Release.
January 08, 2024

One of Albuquerque’s newest City Councilors wants the State Legislature to tackle the catch & release problem that so many say has made Albuquerque neighborhoods more dangerous.

Councilor Dan Champine introduced Memorial M-24-1 in tonight’s City Council Meeting that asks New Mexico State Legislative leaders to address the pretrial detention issues that have concerned law enforcement, prosecutors, and Albuquerque citizens. The Memorial passed unanimously.

“There’s no doubt that people in Albuquerque feel like crime is out-of-control and they want their elected leaders to do something about it,” said Champine. “I think we need to act at every level of government, starting with the state legislature addressing catch and release.”

Angel Alire’s son was killed in 2021 by a man wearing an ankle monitor. Devin Munford had been arrested just four months earlier for shooting out the window of a car with a gun stolen from the Rio Rancho Police Department.

The Bernalillo County Attorney at the time, Raúl Torrez, asked a judge to hold Munford until trial. The judge ultimately denied Torrez’s request and instead placed Munford on pretrial release, meaning he could go home but needed to wear an ankle monitor.

According to news reports, the man violated his conditions of release at least 13 times while wearing his GPS Monitor and faced no consequences at all.

“Nothing will bring my son back, but I think we can change the catch and release system and spare another family the heartache we’ve endured,” said Alire. “I’m glad that Councilor Champine is taking on this issue and asking the Legislature to act.”

Councilor Champine served in the Albuquerque Police Department for 22 years. He was a patrol officer, a detective, and then finished his career patrolling Albuquerque from an APD helicopter.