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Councilor Champine Issues Statement after Key Public Safety Legislation Tabled

Senate Bill 122 would establish rebuttable presumption for defendants.
January 30, 2024

ALBUQUERQUE - On Monday, the Senate Health and Public Affairs Committee voted to table Senate Bill 122, Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham’s bill to establish a rebuttable presumption that violent felons accused of yet another violent felony should be kept in jail pending trial as they pose a danger to the public.

The bill, sponsored by Senate Republican Whip Craig Brandt (R-Sandoval) says that prosecutors must present clear and convincing evidence the accused committed the new crime now alleged. The bill is about determining danger to the public, not about innocence or guilt.

Albuquerque District 8 City Councilor Dan Champine offered a Memorial in his first City Council meeting in early January. The Memorial, approved unanimously by the Albuquerque City Council, encouraged the State Legislature to vigorously debate a fix to New Mexico’s revolving door in the criminal justice system.

“I’m disappointed, but certainly not surprised. Five Senators decided that our criminal justice revolving door should continue to spin, putting dangerous criminals back on our street and our families at risk,” said Councilor Champine. “The City Council unanimously asked the NM Legislature to have a broad debate and discussion about New Mexico’s pretrial detention system. New Mexicans are tired of seeing violent criminals right back on the street after they’re arrested. They deserve better from our legislature. Advancing SB 122 to the Senate floor would have been a start.”