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City Council Resolution Creates Anti-Human Trafficking Campaign and Workforce Training

Resolution (R-24-42) seeks to train city employees on human trafficking recognition and raise public awareness.
June 03, 2024

ALBUQUERQUE – City Councilors passed R-24-42, a resolution aimed at raising community awareness of human trafficking, and training City employees on how to recognize the signs of human trafficking.

The Anti-Human Trafficking Public Awareness campaign to be implemented by all City Departments includes education on the realities of human trafficking, including its causes, methods and impact on individuals and the Albuquerque community. City workers are often in unique positions to identify and assist victims of human trafficking.

Trafficking a human being is a crime that should never happen," said Renee Grout, District 9 City Councilor and Council Vice-President. "City employees are eyes and ears in all corners of our city. We're going to train them to recognize the signs of human trafficking and report it."

The resolution’s co-sponsor, District 8 Councilor Dan Champine understands that more eyes on the problem can be very effective in making a difference in human trafficking cases. The resolution will institute a public awareness campaign designed to emphasize the importance of taking action to prevent and combat this crime.

“This campaign can have a multiplier effect in bringing attention to potential trafficking offenses,” said Councilor Champine. “The resolution will require anti-human trafficking signs to be posted at all the City’s major transportation hubs, buses, and homeless shelters. The resolution also offers ongoing support and continuous evaluation of the program to measure its effectiveness.”

The City will create and provide media and signage for private transportation hubs, aviation centers, and for companies that provide route service between cities. The signage and media provide the public with:
• A phone number to call and/or text to report human trafficking or suspected human trafficking;
• The signs of possible human trafficking;
• A website with resources to combat human trafficking;
• These signs may be posted in multiple languages including English and Spanish.