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More Places to Help Reunite Missing Pets

City expands microchip scanners to 34 locations across Albuquerque.
June 09, 2023

Press release from Animal Welfare Department.

Today, the City of Albuquerque announced a new “Reunite” microchipping scanner program. The Animal Welfare Department (AWD) is collaborating with AFR, APD, Boofy’s Best for Pets, Clark’s Pet Emporium, and Fiesta Subaru of Albuquerque to help ensure more missing pets find their way home. 

AWD’s “Reunite” microchipping scanner program has placed microchip scanners at 22 fire stations, 7 APD substations and 5 local businesses throughout the city of Albuquerque. The staff at each of these locations have been trained in the use of the microchip scanners. Having 34 new locations will make it convenient for a good Samaritan finding a lost pet and needing a place to scan the microchip.

“As the Director of Animal Welfare, I’m always getting asked by the community, ‘how can I help?’ The Reunite program gives community members the chance to help, right in their own neighborhoods.” said Carolyn Ortega, Director of Animal Welfare Department. “Any time a stray pet can be reunited with their family, instead of taking it to the shelter, is a great day for that pet, their families and the community. It also leaves space in the shelter for those pets that really need us.”

“Albuquerque Fire Rescue is constantly evolving to meet the needs of the citizens we serve and our partnering city agencies,” said Emily Jaramillo, Fire Chief. “AFR is proud to collaborate with Animal Welfare to provide additional locations for microchip scanning to reunite lost pets with their families.”

"Our goal is to ensure the safety and well-being of all community members, including our beloved pets,” said APD Deputy Chief Josh Brown. “By making microchip scanners readily available at police substations, we can help reunite missing pets with their worried owners."

AFR, APD and local businesses will not be keeping any pets at their locations. If there is no chip, the finder will be instructed on how to proceed with either finding the pet’s family themselves or how to surrender the pet to AWD shelter as a lost pet.

“Our pets are part of the family, and getting separated from them is next to unthinkable, especially for kids,” said Mayor Tim Keller. “Expanding access to microchip scanners across the city will prevent countless pets from unnecessarily entering shelters and help reunite them with their families.” 

“Everyday in our community, lost companion animals are found by good Samaritans who want to reunite them with their families,” said Tammy Fiebelkorn, District 7 City Councilor. “This program is going to make it so much easier to get these animals home and reduce intakes at our city shelters. This is great news for the animals, their human families, and the city as a whole! I’m grateful to the Mayor and the Animal Welfare Department for offering this to our community.”

One of the most effective means of protecting your pet from being lost or stolen is microchipping them. Microchips are tiny computer chips, about the size of a grain of rice. Each microchip contains a unique serial number which can be read by a scanner and matched to a database containing the owner’s contact information.

AWD is offering to microchip dogs and cats for FREE. The offer applies to all Albuquerque residents. The free service is available from now through July 3, 9:30 a.m. to 6 p.m., at the Westside and Eastside shelters. No appointment is needed.

“Reunite” microchipping scanner locations.