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Mayor Keller Proposes Residential Rate Increase to Pay for Illegal Homeless Tent Encampments

O-22-24 will be heard again at May 12, 2022, Committee of the Whole Meeting.

May 6, 2022

At last night’s Committee of the Whole Meeting, O-22-24 (Benton and Peña, sponsored by request) was heard for the first time, proposing to raise residential trash pick-up fees. The Committee of the Whole is currently considering the proposed operating budget and the proposed rate increase.

The new fees would bring in another $2,169,960 specifically to pay for three new city crews to pick up trash and clean up after about 25 illegal homeless tent encampments that are currently allowed in mostly parks throughout the City.

City Councilor Dan Lewis said, “Instead of enforcing loitering, trespassing, and illegal encampment laws and removing the tent encampments in our parks, Mayor Keller is increasing the cost of trash pickup for every residential property in the City to pay for additional crews to clean up after them. People in our city are struggling with higher costs of living and the fear of not being able to make ends meet. Now, City Hall wants them to pay even more to support a failed policy. This is why people do not trust City Hall."

The legislation was deferred to the May 12 Committee of the Whole Meeting and is on track to be heard for Final Action at the May 16 City Council Meeting.