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Universe Blvd. Traffic Study

Information and ability to provide comments regarding Universe Blvd. Traffic Study from Rainbow to McMahon.

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City Council District 5 is conducting a Traffic Study on Universe from Rainbow to McMahon.  Residents report an increasing rate of traffic crashes involving vehicles traveling on Universe with vehicles entering onto Universe from local streets due to high traffic volumes and excess speeds.  Accessing Universe along this segment appears to be made challenging due to excess speeds.  Additionally, Universe intersections with other major streets along this segment present concerns.  For instance, despite the installation of a traffic signal at Irving and Universe, vehicle crashes continue to occur. Crash rates and severity of crashes may indicate a need for additional traffic safety steps at this intersection and other intersections on Universe between Rainbow and McMahon ranging from the installation of left hand turn signals to replacing signals with roundabouts. 

To proactively address potential traffic issues, the Universe study will review segments of Universe between Rainbow and McMahon. With development planned on Universe between Rainbow and Paseo Del Norte, traffic along this segment of the roadway is anticipated to increase.  Eventually traffic on Universe between Irving and McMahon could increase from future development along the roadway or be spurred by this street segment developing into a commuter route for employees and customers of businesses found along Interstate 40 near Atrisco Vista.  The segment of Universe between Irving and McMahon could also eventually serve as a commuter route for an increasing number of INTEL employees.

Study Goals

  1. Document the built and operating features of the corridor that impair traffic and safety.
  2. Provide recommendations for reducing vehicle speeds and crash frequency.
  3. To accomplish these goals, the study will focus on the following tasks: 

    • Identifying existing conditions in the corridor pertaining to traffic level of service, speeding and the rate of vehicle crash incidents compared to similar roads; 
    • Gathering information from neighborhood residents that abut the roadway;
    • Identifying design and operating features of the corridor that influence the level of speeding, and vehicle crash rate levels;
    • Improving pedestrian safety by identifying mid-block pedestrian crossings;
    • Developing engineering and operational measures to improve intersection safety for the following intersections:
      • Country Knoll Court/Ventana Road at Universe Boulevard: This will include a warrant study for a four way stop and alternatively a roundabout;
      • Ventana Ranch Apartments at Universe driveway entrance;
      • Irving at Universe: A broad review and analysis of all options ranging from minor improvements such as lane striping, to a left hand turn signal warrant analysis, to a roundabout warrant and right of way availability analysis;
      • McMahon at Universe: Address capacity issues.

Public Meetings

Tuesday, June 7, 2022 at 6:00 PM via Zoom.

Tuesday, October 26, 2021 at 6:00 PM via Zoom.

Project Contact

For additional information please contact Giselle Alvarez at [email protected].

The deadline for public comments is June 17, 2022.