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Irving Boulevard Traffic Calming & Pedestrian Safety Study

Traffic calming and pedestrian study for Irving Blvd from La Paz Dr NW/Pyrenees Ct NW to Rio Los Pinos Dr NW.


Bohannan Huston Engineering has been contracted for an Irving Boulevard Traffic Calming and Pedestrian Improvements study for Irving Blvd. from Rio Los Piños Dr. NW west to the intersection of La Paz Dr. NW/Pyrenees. Many residents uniquely front directly onto Irving Blvd. in the area and have continuously advocated for traffic calming, safety, and multi-modal amenities. 

The study will assess and make recommendations for traffic calming, pedestrian and bicycle improvements on Irving that could include reducing lane widths, constructing traffic circles or roundabouts, expanding bike lanes, installing medians, sidewalks and/or a multi-use trail, and other potential measures to help improve the quality of life for residents who reside along Irving Blvd. 

Final Report

Read the Final Report


We are also offering the opportunity for public input outside of public meetings.  If you have questions, comments, or other input, please contact: Giselle Alvarez (505) 768-3100 or [email protected]

Project Contact

Giselle Alvarez (505) 768-3100 or [email protected]