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Notice of Publication Board of Ethics Rule Change

City of Albuquerque Board of Ethics
June 29, 2023

The Board of Ethics approved a new rule change to the Rules and Regulation of the Board of Ethics & Campaign Practices for the Election Code, the Open and Ethical Election Code, and the Code of Ethics of the City Charter. The change agreed upon by the board is as follows: 

Page 7, D Answers. Respondent's answer to a complaint shall include a response to each allegation in the Complaint and shall be filed with the City Clerk by Respondent within 10 business days after notice is given by the City Clerk to the respondent that the complaint has been referred to the Board of Ethics. Respondent shall send a copy of the answer to Complainant by first class mail and file a certificate of mailing with the City Clerk certifying that such mailing occurred on or before the date the answer was filed with the City Clerk.

The Rules and Regulations of the Board of Ethics & Campaign Practices