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Large Seed Pot

Native meets New Mexico Ballooning.

Seed PotTraditional Acoma designs of orange (the earth), black (the darkness of life) and white (the light of life), representing feathers, clouds, kiva steps, the four directions and seasons frame four iconic New Mexico landscapes. Hot air balloons fly over Taos Pueblo, Shiprock, Churchrock, and the Sandia Mountains. Balloon designs represent actual hot air balloons and imagined balloons with Indian themes.

This piece is located east of the museum entrance, sitting on a concrete base. 

  • Construction, Desert Blooms New Mexico Pottery, NM
  • Painting, Clarence Tsosie, The Floating C (Navajo-Din¢e), AZ
  • Acrylic and Oil on Concrete 


Look for the following balloons:

  • The Spirit Bear with Lightning –‘Shus’ represents the breath of life among various tribes.
  • The Serpent –‘Avanyu’ signifies thanksgiving for rain and water for many tribes.
  • The Flute Player with Corn-‘Kokopelli’ Shared by many tribes, this Kokopelli characterizes Harvest Season.
  • The Man in the Maze- ‘I’itoi’ corresponds to life, choice and journey for the Tohono O’odham nation in Arizona.


Search for the many animals found on the pot:

  • Turkey
  • Parrot
  • Lizards
  • Coyotes
  • Elk
  • Owl
  • Bears