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Albuquerque Museum Mission, Vision & Values

Mission Statement

Mission: As a cornerstone of our community, Albuquerque Museum cares for important collections of art and history, presented through well-curated exhibitions and programs that inspire and promote learning across cultures.

Vision: The Museum will expand the quality and scope of its collections; elevate the understanding of our city, our state, and the greater Southwest; and engage Albuquerque with a global community.

Values: Curiosity • Collaboration • Dialog • Respect • Acknowledgement • Representation • Place


The key elements of the mission and vision are:

● Communities: this is the focus of the Museum – its fundamental purpose is to serve the people of Albuquerque.

● Engage: people will participate actively in the Museum’s work.

● Art, History, and Photo Archives: the Museum has collections and expertise based on interdisciplinary inquiry and uses these resources to engage and involve the public and preserve the collections for future generations.

● Many Cultures: there are many stories to be told about the different people and groups that call Albuquerque home. The Museum acknowledges the many languages, cultures, and histories that have existed here and continue to exist as living, resilient, and vibrant cultures.

● Global Community: the Museum enriches the lives of visitors by bringing in programs and exhibitions from around the nation and the world, and through loans and traveling exhibits, it brings the stories of Albuquerque to the world.

● Programs encompass the activities of the Museum including educational programming, events, and community and organizational partnerships.

The Strategic Plan lays out the approaches to the acquisition, care, exhibition, and interpretation of the historical objects, photo archives, and works of art we hold in public trust. It furthers the Museum’s work to use the power of place and educational programming to deepen visitors’ engagement with communities, art, and history. The goals and strategies included in the Strategic Plan outline the final phase of a decades long expansion of the Museum. Also included is our vision for Casa San Ysidro, the historic site owned by the Museum.