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Friday, September 04 2015

Air Quality Index
Nitrogen Dioxide Index is 0 (Good)
Ground-Level Ozone Index is 14 (Good)
Sulfur Dioxide Index is 0 (Good)
Fine Particulate Index is 18 (Good)
Carbon Monoxide Index is 1 (Good)
Coarse Particulate Index is 55 (Moderate)
Pollen Count East
Sagebrush is 5 (Low)
Grass is 9 (Low)
Ragweed is 5 (Low)
Pollen Count West
Sagebrush is 11 (Low)
Chenopodiaceae is 14 (Low)
Juniper is 11 (Low)
Ragweed is 7 (Low)
Grass is 29 (Medium)
Ok to Burn?
Wood burning is not currently prohibited; however, please consider limiting or avoiding wood burning where possible to help protect our air