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VIP Program Overview

An overview of the Violence Intervention Program.

Program Overview

The Violence Intervention Program (VIP) is a gun violence reduction program that focuses on those at highest risk for becoming part of the gun violence cycles in the City. VIP Program implementation began in late March 2020, in the midst of the pandemic. The first year was a pilot year where multiple components were implemented. Components encompass a public health approach to gun violence reduction and a focused deterrence law enforcement approach to gun violence.

The first year’s phase included the hiring of a Social Services Coordinator in May and a Program Manager in June. Implementation began with the basic components of the Group Violence Intervention (GVI) strategy, from the National Network for Safe Communities at John Jay College, CUNY, NY. Those components include the development of:

  • Multi-Agency, Law Enforcement Shooting Reviews
  • Implementation of Custom Notifications
  • and the development of the VIP All In Peer Support and Social Services Components

Gun Violence Weekly Shooting Reviews

The Albuquerque Police Department facilitates a weekly shooting review with local, state and federal law enforcement and justice system partners. Multi-Agency law enforcement efforts are coordinated to resolve gun violence cases and to identify the population at highest risk to be an offender or a victim of gun violence.

As a result of the shooting review the VIP team identifies persons and their associates at the highest risk of becoming part of the cycles of gun violence that would benefit from a custom notification. A custom notification is designed to intervene in the cycles of gun violence.

Custom Notifications

Using ethics of care, VIP team members interrupt cycles of violence by providing victims and their associates with credible messages of non-violence, pathways to various social services, peer support and an “honorable exit” from committing future acts of violence.

Peer Support and ‘VIP All In!’ Social Services

The VIP Social Services Coordinator is a Peer Coach with lived experience. Peer Support is the cornerstone of the Custom Notification and the VIP All In Social Services Component. The VIP team uses a public health approach to intervene in the cycles of violence in Albuquerque through addressing the social determinants of health and disparities that underlie and drive the increases in violent gun crime.

National Gun Violence Reduction Strategies

There are multiple gun violence reduction strategies that have proven successful in the United States. Please explore these strategies through the links below.

Hospital Based Violence Intervention Programs (HVIP)
Group Violence Intervention
Cure Violence
Trauma Recovery Center Model
Advance Peace 

VIP Program Pilot Model

A png of the diagram of the VIP Current Practice Model 2021