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How to be a Write In Candidate

Information on how to be a Write-In candidate for an Albuquerque Local Election.

Filing Date Deadline

Filing date for Write-In candidates is Tuesday, Sept. 24, 2019. You can obtain and file your declaration with the County Clerk.

A new section of the Local Election Act, Section 1-22-8.1 NMSA 1978, is enacted to read:


  1. Write-in candidates shall be permitted in local elections.
  2. A person may be a write-in candidate only if the person has the qualifications to be a candidate for the position for which the person is running.
  3. A person desiring to be a write-in candidate for an office shall file with the proper filing officer a declaration of candidacy. The declaration shall be filed between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. on the sixty-third day preceding the date of the election. The county clerk shall ensure that a declaration of candidacy filed pursuant to this section specifies that it is for a write-in candidate.
  4. A write-in vote shall be counted and canvassed only if:
    • the name written in is the name of a declared write-in candidate and shows two initials and last name; first name, middle initial or name and last name; first and last name; or the full name as it appears on the declaration of candidacy and if misspellings of those combinations can be reasonably determined by a majority of the members of the precinct board to identify a declared write-in candidate; and
    • the name is written on the proper line provided on the ballot for write-in votes for the office and position for which the candidate has declared intent and the voter has followed the directions for voting for the write-in candidate.
  5. At the time of filing the declaration of candidacy, the write-in candidate shall be considered a candidate for all purposes and provisions relating to candidates in the Local Election Act except that the write-in candidate's name shall not be printed on the ballot nor posted in any polling place.
  6. A write-in vote shall be cast by writing in the name. As used in this section, "write-in" does not include the imprinting of any name by rubber stamp or similar device or the use of a preprinted sticker or label.
  7. No unopposed write-in candidate shall have an election certified unless the candidate receives at least the number of write-in votes equal to ten percent of the total number of ballots on which the office appears on the ballot that are cast in the local election, or one hundred."

Required Forms

  1. Write-In Financial Disclosure
  2. Campaign Financing Affidavit

Please remember that the same rules apply for campaign finance reporting outlined in the City Charter.