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How to be a Write In Candidate

Filing Date Deadline

Filing date for Write-In candidates is Tuesday, Aug. 15, 2017.

Pursuant to §3-8-27 NMSA 1978, all Candidates for Mayor must comply with the following requirements when filing their Declaration of Candidacy:

  1. Each Candidate must submit a certified copy of voter registration (embossed and signed) from the Bernalillo County Clerk simultaneously with their Declaration of Candidacy.
  2. The Declaration of Candidacy must show the identical name and identical street address for the candidate as listed on the certified copy of voter registration.
  3. The certified copy of voter registration cannot be dated prior to the date of the adoption of the Election Resolution.
  4. Each Write-In Candidate must also submit a Financial Disclosure Statement.

Note: The Election Resolution was adopted by City Council on July 10; therefore, the affidavit of voter registration that you get from the County must be dated after that date.

Required Forms

  1. Declaration of Write-In Candidacy
  2. Write-In Financial Disclosure
  3. Campaign Financing Affidavit
    • Mayoral
    • City Councilor
    • Please remember that the same rules apply for campaign finance reporting outlined in the City Charter.