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Requirements to Serve as a Voting Member

Everyone is welcome to participate in the Community Police Councils and the processes of creating recommendations, no matter their backgrounds, residence within the city or previous criminal records. It is vital that these councils represent many different perspectives within our communities and reflect diverse cross sections of our City.

Voting Members: Members who take final voting action on policy issues and recommendations brought forth from the members and through public participation. The number of voting members differs between each council based on their own determinations. It is commonly around seven.

Members: Everyone in attendance is considered by the independent counsels, the City and APD as members.

Requirements to Become a Voting Member:

Per our Settlement Agreement (Paragraph 267 - Page 81)

  • Voting Members "shall possess qualifications necessary to perform their duties"
    • Councils voted that this would include at least one ride along
  • Including "successful completion of the Citizens Police Academy"

In order to fulfill both requirements an individual must pass a background check. This is due to their exposure to law enforcement, safety-sensitive information. During the Citizen Police Academy there is tactical, safety and police procedural information discussed. During ride-alongs an individual is also exposed to tactical and procedural information as well as information concerning victims, suspects and persons of interest.

            APD background check exclusions are limited to:

  • Active warrants - warrants can be taken care of and an applicant can re-apply immediately
  • Violent felony convictions in the last three years
    • Homicide, Rape, Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon
    • Stalking conviction(s)
    • Sex crimes against children conviction(s)

It is vital to note that even individuals who may not pass the background check requirements are still highly encouraged to attend CPC meetings and make suggestions and formal recommendations to the boards. They are also encouraged to actively participate in all steps of the recommendation process, except for the final vote.  

How are voting members selected?

Voting Members are asked to submit a written (provided at each monthly meeting) or online application through  The applications are then passed on to the Chairperson for the applicant’s councils. Original voting members were selected by an independent task force established by the Mayor’s office, but now the independent, established voting members interview, vet and select new voting members.

This helps ensure the process is community based and impartial.

To help address the delay of processing applicants, Chief Gorden Eden has directed background checks be process by respective area command supervisors when the applicant goes in for their first ride-along or upon entering the Citizens Police Academy (whichever comes first). This is ensures the background check is processed immediately.