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Community Policing Council Application

Application to serve as a member of the Community Policing Council.

Apply today to serve as a member of the Community Policing Council.

Contact Information
About You
Gender What is your gender?

Age What is your age?

Veteran Status Are you a veteran of the U.S. Armed Services?

Ethnicity Please specify your ethnicity.

Disability Do you have a disability?

Community Information Select any community group(s) in which you participate.
Serving on a Community Policing Council

Police Area Commands

The Albuquerque Police Department has six Area Commands:

  • Foothills Area Command
  • Northeast Area Command
  • Northwest Area Command
  • Southeast Area Command
  • Southwest Area Command
  • Valley Area Command

Area Command Map

Which Area Command do you live in? Use the Area Command Map to help determine which area command you live in.

Are you currently a law enforcement officer?  

Felony Crimes

Requirements have been changed to reflect that only the below information will disqualify someone:

  • Active warrants - warrants can be taken care of and an applicant can re-apply immediately
  • Violent felony convictions in the last three years
  • Homicide, Rape, Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon
  • Stalking conviction(s)
  • Sex crimes against children conviction(s)
Have you been convicted of or received a deferred sentence for any of the above felony crimes?