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Public Safety Entrance & Promotional Selection

What We Do

The Employment Testing Division is responsible for the development, validation, implementation, and administration of entry-level and promotional testing for the Albuquerque Police and Fire Departments. Concerning promotions for public safety department officers, we make sure the City is compliant with applicable standards established by:

Testing Processes

The Employment Testing Division is responsible for entrance and promotional examinations for the Albuquerque Police and Fire Departments including:

Albuquerque Police Department (APD):

  • APD Entrance Examinations
  • APD Sergeant Promotional Process
  • APD Lieutenant Promotional Process
  • APD Bilingual Pay Testing

Albuquerque Fire Department (AFD):

  • AFD Entrance Examination & Structured Oral Interview Process
  • AFD Suppression Driver Promotional Process
  • AFD Suppression & Paramedic Lieutenant Promotional Process
  • AFD Captain Promotional Process
  • AFD Commander Promotional Process
  • AFD Bilingual Pay Testing

APD & AFD host useful study guides for their hiring and promotional processes:

Process Confidentiality

We make a practice of maintaining strict control and confidentiality for all processes to ensure that all candidates have a fair and unbiased experience with the City. An example of a confidentiality agreement that each candidate and any other parties involved in a process must sign is available here.