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Only in Albuquerque: History Gallery

Spirited. Courageous. Resourceful. Innovative. See the history of our city.

Interactive & Fun

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Free admission for all Albuquerque Museum Foundation members.

caption:Image of a man and a toddler visiting the Albuquerque Museum.

"Only in Albuquerque" is an interactive, engaging, fun-filled presentation of the history and culture of the central Rio Grande Valley.

Explorers, Postcards, Quilts & More!

  • Make your own family Coat of Arms
  • Electronically send a Route 66 postcard to a friend
  • Create a personal "quilt" of images from the Museum’s collections
  • Record your story to share in the Museum and with friends
  • Vibrant theatres
  • Virtual reality storybooks
  • State-of-the-art App gives you access to additional information

Four Galleries of Local History

"Only in Albuquerque" features a greatly expanded story of our city from before written history to the present, set in an engaging, fun, and interactive atmosphere.

Our story is told through four galleries:

  • Spirited
  • Courageous
  • Resourceful
  • Innovative

All galleries connect to a central gallery entitled "Our Land."

caption:Image of the Your History screen at the Albuquerque Museum.

From the Rio Grande Valley

This ingenious design gives our guests an experience related to our central theme:

  • Different cultures
  • Interacting with each other in a unique geographic setting
  • Shared characteristics found only in Albuquerque and the middle Río Grande Valley

Hundreds of our city's most beloved artifacts are featured.

Repostero, 1620 – 1640 Sicilian Gift of the 18th Duke (Don Beltrán Osorio y Díez de Rivera) and Duchess of Alburquerque, Spain, via the City of Albuquerque Public Art Program