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Only in Albuquerque: History Gallery

Spirited. Courageous. Resourceful. Innovative. See the history of our city.

Interactive & Fun

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Free admission for all Albuquerque Museum Foundation members.

caption:Image of a man and a toddler visiting the Albuquerque Museum.

The "Only in Albuquerque" history gallery has been highly anticipated during many years of redesign, construction, story development and fabrication.

"Only in Albuquerque" is an interactive, engaging, fun-filled presentation of the history and culture of the central Rio Grande Valley.

Explorers, Postcards, Quilts & More!

  • Make your own family Coat of Arms
  • Electronically send a Route 66 postcard to a friend
  • Create a personal "quilt" of images from the Museum’s collections
  • Record your story to share in the Museum and with friends
  • Vibrant theatres
  • Virtual reality storybooks
  • State of the art App, developed especially for our visitors.

Four Galleries of Local History

"Only in Albuquerque" features a greatly expanded story of our city from before written history to the present, set in an engaging, fun, and interactive atmosphere.

Our story is told through four galleries:

  • Spirited
  • Courageous
  • Resourceful
  • Innovative

All galleries connect to a central gallery entitled "Our Land".

caption:Image of the Your History screen at the Albuquerque Museum.

From the Rio Grande Valley

This ingenious design gives our guests with an experience related to our central theme:

  • Different cultures
  • Interacting with each other in a unique geographic setting
  • Shared characteristics found only in Albuquerque and the middle Río Grande Valley

Hundreds of our city's most beloved artifacts are featured, with additional objects recently acquired yet to be unveiled.

caption:Image of visitors exploring the Cobb's Studio exhibit at the Albuquerque Museum.