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Singing Arrow Community Center

Proposal to build a new Singing Arrow Community Center at the NE corner of Singing Arrow Park

Project Summary

The request is for a site plan for an approximately 14,154 sf building at the NE corner of Singing Arrow Park. The City proposes to develop a new community center and re-use an existing parking lot to provide parking for center users. The existing community center, at the park's western edge, would remain.

The request is in the EPC process because the subject site is greater than 5 acres and is adjacent to Major Public Open Space (MPOS). This review is limited to the IDO requirements and is not about the use; community center is a permissive use in the NR-PO-A zone.

The Development Standards for Site Design and Sensitive Lands (IDO 14-16-5-2) apply, in addition to standard IDO requirements. The request furthers a variety of applicable Goals and Policies in the Comprehensive Plan.

There is both support and opposition. A facilitated meeting was held on November 29, 2018. Supporters favor additional community programs. Those opposed cite concerns about security, crime, location, need, and increased people and traffic in the neighborhood adjacent to the east.

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