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Sponsored Legislation

Legislation Sponsored by Councilor Winter since 2009.









R-14-73 Supporting A Project With Bernalillo County For The Purpose Of Implementing A Housing Assistance Program For Persons With Mental Illness Being Released From The Metropolitan Detention Center (Benton, Winter)

M-14-5 Calling For The State Of New Mexico, The City Of Albuquerque, And Bernalillo County To Form A Task Force To Discuss Joint Funding Opportunities And To Propose Recommendations To Address The Issues Surrounding And Concerning Mental Health Issues Within The State Of New Mexico (Winter, Benton)

O-14-13 Amending Chapter 9, Article 4, Part 1 ROA 1994, The Police Oversight Ordinance, To Abolish The Police Oversight Commission And Establish The Civilian Police Oversight Agency With New Or Amended Duties, Qualifications And Responsibilities, And Adopting Related Amendments Dealing With The Civilian Police Oversight Agency And The Internal Review Office (Garduño, Winter)

R-14-39 Amending The City Of Albuquerque Code Of Resolutions Sections Pertaining To The Consumption Of Alcohol In City Parks, Recreational Facilities And Open Space Lands

R-14-37 Renaming The Existing Catch And Release Pond At Tingley Beach As The Bob Gerding Catch And Release Pond In Honor Of Bob Gerding's Distinguished Legacy As A Fishing And Outdoor Enthusiast And Ambassador, And In Particular As A Steward And Advocate For Fishing At Tingley Beach (Benton, Winter)

O-14-6 Approving A Project Involving Canon Information Technology Services, Inc. Pursuant To The Local Economic Development Act And City Ordinance F/S O-04-10

R-14-33 Making An Appropriation To The Albuquerque Film & Media Experience Foundation And Authorizing The Mayor To Enter Into An Agreement With The Albuquerque Film & Media Experience Foundation For The Production Of The 2014 Festival (Garduño, Winter, Gibson, Peña)


R-13-2 Amending the Direct Legislation by Voter Initiative Process (Winter, Sanchez)

R-13-267 Appointing a New Member to the Police Oversight Task Force (Winter, Garduño)

R-13-220 Establishing a Policy for the Timeframes for Purging of License Plate Reader Records by APD

R-13-207 Establishing the Police Oversight Task Force (Winter, Garduño)

O-13-56 Amending the Ordinance that Established the Anderson/Abruzzo International Balloon Museum Board of Trustees (Winter, Sanchez)

R-13-143 Initiating a Process to Independently Review the City’s Mechanisms of Police Oversight (Winter, Garduño)


O-12-38 Amending the Impact Fee Ordinance (Winter, Jones)

R-12-98 Amending the Component Capital Improvements Plan (CCIP) (Winter, Jones)

R-12-45 & O-12-17 Authorizing the Sale of Bonds and Sending the Paseo del Norte / I-25 Improvements to the Voters (Winter, Lewis, Sanchez)

R-12-22 Affirming the Priority of Paseo del Norte / I-25 Improvements (Winter, Lewis, Sanchez)

O-12-6, 7, 8, 9 Extending the Time Period for the Reduction of Impact Fees (Winter, Jones)


R-11-16 Approving the Program Management of the Elementary and Mid School Initiative (EMSI) by the Albuquerque-Bernalillo County (ABC) Community Schools Partnership (Winter, Garduño)

R-11-14 Support for the Albuquerque-Bernalillo County (ABC) Community Schools Partnership and for the Community Schools Initiative (Winter, Garduño)

O-11-3 Amending the Allowable Time between Issuance of a Building Permit and the Project Being Deemed Complete In Order to Have the Benefit of Reduced Impact Fees (Winter, Jones)

R-11-296 Reserving funding for the Paseo del Norte / I-25 Interchange Improvements (Winter, Lewis, Harris)

R-11-253 & O-11-61 & R-11-232 Concerning the Special Municipal Bond Election to be Held in the City of Albuquerque

R-11-209 Providing Funding for the Party Patrol Program (Winter, Jones)

O-11-52 Amending the Albuquerque Fire Code Regarding Sprinkler and Alarm Systems

M-11-4 Memorial Urging the New Mexico Public Regulation Commission (PRC) to Encourage the Participation of All Stakeholders in Rate Proceeding Negotiations

O-11-37 Regarding the Abatement of Pigeon Nuisance


R-10-147 Recognizing the Importance of Kirtland Air Force Base (Winter, Lewis)

O-10-19 Amending the Terms and Composition of the Impact Fee Committee (Winter, O’Malley, Jones)

O-10-5 Regarding the Merit System Ordinance (Winter, Sanchez)

R-10-52 Directing the Administration to Develop a Comprehensive Plan to Reduce the Escalating Operational and Capital Costs of Maintaining the Current Fleet of Police Vehicles


R-09-345 Establishing a Fee Structure for Community Center Use

O-09-89 Regarding the Code of Ethics (Winter, Garduño)

P-09-1 Charter Amendment Proposals to be Submitted to the Voters

R-09-199 Requiring the Administration to Present Evidence that the City's Safe Traffic Operations Program Contributes to Traffic Safety


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