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City Clerk FAQ's

Frequently asked questions at the City Clerk

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I schedule a hearing with the Office of Administrative Hearings? 

The links below are FAQ of the City Clerk's office that are maintained by outside entities. 

How do I update my Voter Registration?

  • Voter registration is maintained by the Bernalillo County Clerk.
  • 505-468-1290, option 1

How do I obtain a Marriage License

  • To apply for a marriage license contact the Bernalillo County Clerk
  • 505-468-1290, option 4

How do I obtain a Birth or Death Certificate?

  • Birth and death certificates are maintained by the Department of Health, Vital Statistics Division.
  • 505-827-0121, or 1-866-534-0051

How do I obtain Criminal Records or Warrant information?

  • Contact the Albuquerque Metro Court 
  • 505-841-8151

How do inquire about Suspended or Revoked Driver's Licenses?

  • Contact the MVD of New Mexico-888-683-4636

How do I obtain a Divorce Decree

  • Divorce Decrees filed in Bernalillo County are maintained by the 2nd District Court.
  • 505-841-7451

How do I obtain the Deed to my home?

  • Deeds are maintained by the Bernalillo County Assessors Office
  • 505-222-3700

How can I find out if there is a Lien on my home?

  • Liens are filed with the Bernalillo County Assessors Office
  • 505-222-3700

How to I request a record not listed above?