Albuquerque Museum Staff Listing

Albuquerque Museum Staff and Contact Information

Museum staff cannot provide appraisals of nor authenticate art and artifacts.

Phone: 505-243-7255
Fax: 505-764-6546

General Info: [email protected]

Andrew Connors, Museum Director
Cynthia Garcia, Assistant Director
Josie Lopez, Curator of Art
Leslie Kim, Curator of History
Elizabeth Becker, Curator of Education
Denise Crouse, Communications Manager
Julie Valdez, Museum Facility Rentals

Meara Christopher, Art & History Assistant
Jill Hartke, Digital Archivist / Photo Archives
Jessica Coyle, Associate Education Curator
Jody Vanesky, Education Assistant
Elena Maestas, Administrative Assistant
Jessica Sanchez, Accountant
Amber Gonzales, Receptionist
Erin McRoy, Head Cashier
Adan Garcia, Tech Specialist (IT)
Stephen Hutchins, Curator of Exhibitions
Robin Hesse, Graphic Artist
Steve Pettit, Curator of Collections
Amy Baskette, Registrar
Chris Bratton, Preparator
Keith Lee, Preparator
Anthony Vargas, Exhibit Fabricator
Jose Mejia, Exhibit Fabricator
Armando Beltran, Maintenance Supervisor
Joseph Carter, Maintenance
Larry Chavez, Maintenance
Lashay Wesley, Custodian

Casa San Ysidro, 505-898-3915
Aaron Gardner, Site Manager
Ethan Aronson, Tour Coordinator
Sheldon Casias, Maintenance

Albuquerque Museum Foundation, 505-842-0111
Ann Travelstead, Interim Executive Director

Museum Store, 505-242-0434