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Albuquerque Small Business Regulatory Advisory Commission

Information about the Albuquerque Small Business Regulatory Advisory Commission.

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If you want the Commission to review rules or legislation that has or potentially could have an adverse effect on your small business, contact the Small Business Regulation Advisory Commission.


The Albuquerque Small Business Regulatory Advisory Commission was created by City Ordinance 0-2010-023.

Actions of The Commission will be taken in conformance with the statutory and regulatory framework within which it is mandated to operate.

The Commission’s actions will be guided by its mandate, a vibrant and growing small business sector. It will also seek to find alternative regulatory approaches to minimize the costs and burdens on small business without compromising the health, safety and economic welfare of the City.


The Commission consists of seven members who volunteer and are appointed by the Mayor with the advice and consent of the Council.

Members serve three year terms. Members cannot serve more than three consecutive terms.

Commission Members

The Commission voting members are:

  • Don Kaufman, Chairman (Owner, Kaufman Fire Protection Systems Inc.)
  • Anthony Trujillo, Vice Chairman (Owner of Holman's)
  • Beverly Chavez (President of Stixon Labels & New Mexico Plastics)
  • Larry Garcia (Owner Suits Unlimited)
  • Larry Rainosek (Owner Frontier Restaurant and Golden Pride Chicken)
  • Scott Throckmorton (Owner of ARGUS Investment Realty)
  • Ex-officio member: Synthia R. Jaramillo, City of Albuquerque Director of Economic Development

The Commission is administratively attached to the Economic Development Department of the City and staff for the Commission is provided by the Department.