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Air Quality Complaints

How to file an issue with the Air Quality department.

Sewer smell? Dead animal odor or exhaust? Let us point you in the right direction.

Find out who to contact for:

  • Smoking vehicles
  • Sewer or chlorine smell
  • Water issues
  • Dead animals
Who do I call about a smell?
  • If this request is an emergency, please call 911
  • Non-emergency Police call (505) 242-COPS (505-242-2677)
  • You may also call the Citizen Contact Center at 311.

Air Quality Complaints

If you have a complaint concerning air quality issues please call (505) 768-1972 (Air Quality).

Your complaint will be entered into a database and forwarded to the appropriate personnel. When filing an air quality complaint, you will need to provide the location/address of the complaint, name of the company or business complaint is being filed against, specifics of the complaint, your name, your address, and a contact phone number so that personnel responding to the complaint can contact you and discuss the specifics of your complaint.

What if your complaint is not air quality related?

  • If your complaint concerns a chemical, hazardous or unknown material please call the Albuquerque Fire Department at 911.
  • If your complaint concerns sewer odors or wastewater please call ABC Water Authority at (505) 857-8250.
  • If your complaint concerns drinking water or a broken water main please call ABC Water Authority at (505) 924-3984.
  • If your complaint concerns trash or garbage please call Solid Waste at (505) 761-8100 (Solid Waste).
  • If your complaint concerns construction activities please call Air Quality at (505) 768-1972, you may also call Planning for zoning issues at (505) 924-3860 (Planning).