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Parks and Recreation Department Planted New Trees in District 1 Parks

City Councilor Lan Sena joined David Simon, Director of Parks and Recreation, at Pat Hurley Park and Redlands Park.

As part of a citywide tree planting project, the Parks and Recreation Department is planting 135 trees in City parks all around Albuquerque. In District 1, a total of ten new trees were planted at Pat Hurley Park and Redlands Park. At Pat Hurley, the upper loop of the park is now adorned by a Robinson Crabapple, two London Planetrees, a Cherry Plum, a Japanese Pagoda, and a Bald Cypress. Redlands Park is now home to four Accolade Elms. The tree planting project is part of a longer term initiative to help restore Albuquerque’s urban tree canopy.

Councilor Sena Pat Hurley Park