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New On-Demand Service for City Transit Users

City launches ABQ RIDE Connect Pilot Program, Albuquerque's first microtransit service.
March 13, 2024

ALBUQUERQUE – Starting Monday, March 18, the City of Albuquerque will launch the one-year ABQ RIDE Connect Pilot Program, our community’s first shared ride, microtransit service. This service is designed to complement existing fixed route service by connecting riders to key transfer route locations including transit centers and bus stops within two pre-determined zones in Albuquerque. ABQ RIDE Connect can also be used for transportation to other locations within the zones like grocery stores and local businesses.

To perform the service, ABQ RIDE is deploying brand new, fully electric vans with wheelchair loading capability. Designed by an in-house graphic artist, the van wraps will closely resemble the design of the department’s new CNG fixed route buses, helping to keep a consistent brand across all fleet.

“Having this new service enhances our larger transit system by filling critical gaps, allowing folks to make small but important on-demand trips like getting to the grocery store, doctor appointments, or visiting local family,” said Mayor Tim Keller. “By looking more closely at the needs of neighborhoods that may be off the main corridors, we’re improving access for families across the city.”

“We are excited to launch this innovative approach to provide accessible public transportation, especially in areas that are currently underserved by fixed route service,” said ABQ RIDE Director Leslie Keener. “ABQ RIDE Connect will fill the first and last mile gap and give riders the ability to reach more destinations in Albuquerque.”

By downloading the free ABQ RIDE Connect app, passengers will have the freedom to book on-demand rides within two pre-determined zones, the Southwest Mesa and Rio Grande. Based on previous studies, the density and mix of demographics in these zones determine a need for transportation services. While the need for transportation services exists within these zones, the demand for frequent fixed route service does not, making them ideal to incorporate microtransit.

Once the app has been downloaded, riders will create an account. Individuals may book rides within the zones between 7:30 AM and 5:30 PM Monday through Friday.

At the end of the year-long pilot program, ABQ RIDE staff will evaluate the service and determine the best plan moving forward. One key factor for evaluation will come from direct feedback which riders will have the ability to provide at the end of each trip.

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