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Solid Waste Management Launches Online Recycling Activities for Albuquerque Students

Activities provide a resource for teachers and students to enhance remote learning

Today, the Solid Waste Management Department (SWMD) announced a new and exciting resource for teachers and students to enhance online learning. The Recycle Right activity book provides fun and educational recycling activities for K-5th graders.

“We’re parents, too, and we know how much online activities can help families dealing with young students at home during the pandemic. Providing recycling education for Albuquerque’s students has always been one of our top priorities,” stated Matthew Whelan, Director of the City’s Solid Waste Management Department. “This valuable online resource can provide added support to students environmentally-focused studies.”

The activity book features five colorful activity pages including a word scramble, matching game, word puzzle, a coded activity, and a coloring page. The online resource also is a supplementary activity for teachers to help students learn how to care for our City and the environment by learning how to recycle correctly.

SWMD is also currently offering online recycling education presentations as an alternative to the regular in-person presentations for classrooms that are normally offered during the school year. To schedule an online presentation, teachers who are interested can contact Keep Albuquerque Beautiful at 761-8334.

Teachers and students can download this resource in English and in Spanish at