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Goal 3: Public Infrastructure

Ensure that all existing communities are adequately and efficiently served with well planned, coordinated, and maintained sewer, storm, water, and road systems and an integrated multi-modal regional transportation system. Ensure that new development is efficiently integrated into existing infrastructure and that the costs are balanced with the revenues generated.

The following links contain pdf file reports of the Indicators for the stated Desired Community Condition.

Desired Community Condition 1: The storm water systems protect lives and property.

Desired Community Condition 2: Residents have safe affordable transportation options that meet the public's needs.

Desired Community Condition 3: The street system is well designed and maintained.

Desired Community Condition 4: Technology infrastructure is accessible to all.

Desired Community Condition 5: Wastewater systems meet quality standards.

Desired Community Condition 6: A reliable water system meets health and safety standards.