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Office of Equity & Inclusion Announces New Hires

City fills roles that are critical to creating a more inclusive Albuquerque

The City of Albuquerque’s Office of Equity & Inclusion (OEI) recently announced two new hires, Timothy Green IV will serve as the Culture Change Leader for the department and Dr. Billystrom Jivetti will serve as the Race & Equity Data Analyst. These two positions are critical in fulfilling OEI’s mission of inspiring and equipping city government to make Albuquerque a national role model of racial equity and social justice.

Timothy Green IV, Culture Change Leader


Tim Green is excited to bring his skills and talents to OEI as Culture Change Leader. As a critical scholar and current Ph.D. student, he brings over a decade of educational teaching experience (both local and international). His expertise is in the areas of adult education, restorative justice, and critical pedagogy. Tim is accomplished in both qualitative and quantitative methods, curriculum design, pedagogical instruction, system change, and policy analysis. He is eager to help create, maintain, and foster an inclusive, diverse, and equitable workforce across the city. When not passionately serving in the community, Tim enjoys spending quality time with his beautiful spouse and two inspiring daughters. His passions include exploring the intersections of art, culture, and spatiality while also staying active across New Mexico’s incredible nature scene.




Dr. Billystrom Jivetti, Race & Equity Data Analyst


Billy Jivetti, PhD. brings a wealth of knowledge to the OEI team, particularly in participatory research methods, international development theories, community studies, and facilitating focus groups. Additionally, Billy’s use of mixed methods approach to conducting research on community development issues is critical for his new role as Race & Equity Data Analyst. He is eager to take his experiences in data analysis and interpretation and apply it to governance and use data to make and drive policy making decisions for the City. In his free time, Billy enjoys playing the bass guitar and is an avid runner who regularly participates in the Duke City Marathon. Moreover, he enjoys being outdoors and in nature at any one of New Mexico’s beautiful parks.