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Native American Heritage Month Events Around Albuquerque

Voting information to help Native Americans exercise their right to vote

November 2, 2020

 ALBUQUERQUE – The City of Albuquerque again this year is recognizing November as Native American Heritage Month. Events this week and throughout the month will be held to honor the culture and traditions of the hundreds of Native American Tribes and Pueblos represented in our city, including members of the nations who are our neighbors: Isleta, Laguna, Sandia, Santa Ana, and the Navajo Nation.

Native American Heritage Month was first recognized in 1990. In the midst of a pandemic that is disproportionately impacting Native populations, the recognition takes on a special significance, and events are being adjusted for COVID-safe practices. The City is also releasing resources to support Native American voter turnout in this election.

Terry A. Sloan, City of Albuquerque Intergovernmental Tribal Liaison, said, “As Native American Heritage Month is recognized, we must reflect on where we have been, where we are now, and where we want to go. One thing is for certain – we are a resilient People. We have survived Colonialism. We have survived disease. We have survived enslavement and oppression, and we are surviving the COVID-19 pandemic, all of which have made us a strong People. I commend Native Americans and our Tribal Leaders who have all worked so hard to protect their communities and stay safe during the pandemic. We must also remember that we have long fought for the right to vote, so get out and vote and make our voices heard loud and clear.”

City of Albuquerque Events

Wednesday, November 4th at 11 a.m. American Indian Chamber of Commerce of NM Native American Heritage Month Kick-Off virtual event.
Save the Date: Friday, November 13th at 1 p.m. Screening of Celebrating Native American Heritage Month video and virtual panel discussion event.
Save the Date: Saturday, November 21st. 2nd Annual Indigenous Life Celebration drive-thru event.

Voting Information
Tuesday, November 3, is Election Day
Bernalillo County Clerk’s Election Information:
Where do I vote?
Find your voting location options here:
Can I register to vote on Election Day?
Same Day Registration is not available on Election Day
Native American Language Assistance
Navajo Language Assistance: Audio files are in Navajo to assist voters in their primary language.
- Navajo Audio Voter Assistance
- Election Terminology in Navajo
- Reservation Map
Tiwa Language Assistance: Audio files are in Tiwa to assist voters in their primary language.
- Tiwa Audio Voter Assistance
- Reservation Map
Keres Language Assistance: Audio files are in Keres to assist voters in their primary language.
- Keres Audio Voter Assistance
- Reservation Map
Democracy is Indigenous video:
Native Vote History video:
A Conversation on Voting Rights and Indian County videos: