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Plan Your NNO Event

Tips for Planning a Successful Event.

Talk to your Neighbors & Invite Them to Help

The more help the better and it's in the planning that you'll build those relationships! Determine if you want to partner with surrounding neighborhoods or blocks.

Decide What Kind of Event You Want to Have

Options include:

  • Block party
  • Cookout or potluck
  • Ice cream social
  • Get creative!

Pick the Time & Place

Register Your Event

By registering your event, APD Officers and City Officials can attend your event! Register now.

Spread the Word

Use our flyer or create your own! Let your neighbors know what you are planning and invite them to participate.

Give Everyone Some Level of Responsibility So That They Feel Involved

  • Have people bring lawn chairs and/or a favorite dish for the potluck
  • See if anyone has a grill they can bring to help grill up food
  • Ask for help in collecting the trash/recycling after the event (make sure to have trash bags!)
  • Get local businesses involved.

At the Event

  • Create a contact map for your block/neighborhood so that everyone has an emergency contact for each household.
  • Incorporate a community-need donation element (school supplies, canned foods, etc.)
  • Provide APD crime prevention flyers (also available at your Area Command Substation)