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Final Speed Camera Installed, City’s Network is Complete

20th Camera Installed on Paseo del Norte to complete the ASE network.
December 11, 2023

The City of Albuquerque’s Automated Speed Enforcement (ASE) network of cameras is now complete. The City’s 20th ASE camera is now live on Paseo del Norte in Albuquerque and is issuing citations to speeding drivers.

The City uses a data-driven approach to deciding where to place ASE cameras. ASE cameras are on 16 critical arteries in Albuquerque that were identified by analyzing data and using local input on streets with dangerous speeders. The cameras spot speeders and the City sends a civil citation, similar to a parking ticket, to the drivers reminding them to slow down. We now have 20 cameras on 17 different thoroughfares.

“This final installation completes our network of 20 cameras in strategic locations in the city,” said ASE Manager Valerie Hermanson. “We started the Vision Zero project in 2019, and the ASE portion nearly two years ago. This is a major milestone.”

“Families all across our city are safer when everyone follows the speed limit,” said Albuquerque Mayor Tim Keller. “In these critical zones, our Automated Speed Enforcement program is making a measurable difference and slowing down drivers.”

In 2019, the City started implementing the Vision Zero framework to calm traffic and slow drivers. Vision Zero’s mission is to reduce fatal traffic accidents. ASE cameras are one tool of many that we’re using to make our roads safer. A 10% reduction in speed can reduce the number of significant crashes by up to 19% and can reduce the number of fatal car crashes by 34%.

The cameras help the Albuquerque Police Department. With cameras reminding speeders to slow down, officers can focus on other police duties. APD Chief Harold Medina has called the program a “force multiplier.”

Current ASE Camera Locations

    1. Gibson between Carlisle and San Mateo (eastbound)
    2. Gibson between Carlisle and San Mateo (westbound)
    3. Unser at Tower (northbound)
    4. San Mateo just north of Montgomery (southbound)
    5. Lomas at Virginia (westbound)
    6. Unser at Flor Del Sol (just north of Dellyne) (northbound)
    7. Coal at Cornell (eastbound)
    8. Lead at Mesa (westbound)
    9. Central in between Tingley and New York (westbound)
    10. Montgomery & Jennifer (westbound)
    11. Montgomery & Julie (eastbound)
    12. 98th between Tower and Central (northbound)
    13. Avenida Cesar Chavez and Walter (eastbound)
    14. Eubank just north of Central (northbound)
    15. Ellison & Black Diversion Channel Trail crossing (eastbound)
    16. Lomas near 3rd Street (eastbound)
    17. Wyoming just north of Academy (northbound)
    18. Coors just south of Ellison (southbound)
    19. Paseo del Norte at Louisiana (westbound)
    20. Coors between Montaño and Paseo del Norte (northbound)