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City Pumps Up Flood Relief with Marble Arno Pump Station

New pump station protects historic neighborhoods from decade-long flooding issues.

ALBUQUERQUE – On Tuesday, August 16, 2022, City leaders and community members celebrated the completion of the new Marble Arno Pump Station. This new pump station will protect historic Albuquerque neighborhoods from the devastating flooding that they have seen during monsoon seasons for over a decade.

“We recognize key efforts made by the City of Albuquerque, the Department of Municipal Development, as well as the New Mexico State Delegation,” said Kris Houde of the Citizen’s Information Community of South Martineztown. “Let me say, this world-class exterior design and its execution successfully reaffirm our sense of historical place. Well done.”

“Marble Arno is a huge win for these communities that have been so affected by flooding,” said Patrick Montoya, Director of Municipal Development. “This new facility should provide critical relief to communities that badly need it.”

The City previously utilized temporary detention ponds and a pump station built in the 1960s to mitigate flooding. Marble Arno will replace those facilities and provide more effective and efficient flood relief.

For twenty years the historic neighborhoods of Martineztown, Barelas, and Santa Barbra have been promised flood relief. Thanks to the hard work of our DMD team, the community, and our partners, we took those promises and plans and made them a reality,” said Mayor Tim Keller. "With this $17 million-dollar project, we're investing in a resilient city and working to make the destructive floods that have hit these neighborhoods a thing of the past."

“Things take time, but it is here now, and I’m so glad to see it in place,” said City Council President Isaac Benton. “I know this new facility will provide protections that we didn’t have before.”

The $17 million project took roughly 18 months to complete, and was able to provide relief throughout the 2022 monsoon season.