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City Parking Garage Gets New Life with Plant Wall

400 new plants will call the walls of the VSA garage home, creating new green space downtown
June 21, 2024

Albuquerque – The Very Special Arts Garage (VSA) on is getting a new, greener, face with a plant wall, or vertical garden, this week.

Plant walls are gaining in popularity because they beautify a space, protect buildings, reduce the urban heat effect, and reduce urban noise. This wall will cover the interior of a courtyard space that has been underused for several years on the southeast side of the VSA Garage Downtown.

“This space was full of potential and we wanted to find the best way to beautify it and create a unique urban space,” said Maria Griego, Parking Manager. “The wall looks amazing and it creates a nice urban oasis in the middle of Downtown.”

The wall is covered with about 400 colorful plants. Irrigation comes from the top of the system and water trickles down through the system before it captured. The garden area will be open during the day. The plant wall will be joined by a mural on 4th St. this summer.

“We love adding more green spaces to the city, and a plant wall is an ideal way to add color Downtown. We’re looking forward to beautifying this area with creative projects that make the most of the spaces we have,” said Jennifer Turner, Director of the Municipal Development Department.