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Job Training Albuquerque Receives Workforce Champion of the Year Award

Program has trained over 120 people, helping individuals and businesses succeed
January 16, 2024

ALBUQUERQUE The Job Training Albuquerque program (JTA) is being recognized for its exceptional efforts in advancing the current construction industry workforce by providing free training for small businesses. The Associated General Contractors of New Mexico (AGC NM) is highlighting JTA for its commitment to upskilling employees. Over 120 individuals from 20 different companies have benefited from the workforce development program. As a free workforce development resource for employers, JTA has played a crucial role in providing local workers with opportunities to acquire in-demand, transferable skills tailored to meet the needs of Albuquerque's small businesses.

 “The JTA program has significantly contributed to the growth and sustainability of the construction industry in Albuquerque, and exemplifies the spirit of workforce development," said Economic Development Director Max Gruner. “We are committed to investing in programs that help create pathways to success for individuals and businesses in our community.”

JTA is a collaborative effort between the City of Albuquerque and Central New Mexico Community College, with funding provided by the City of Albuquerque Economic Development Department. The program is administered by CNM Ingenuity (CNMI), a workforce training arm of the college.

“Witnessing the concrete, positive impacts of JTA on small businesses and their employees in Albuquerque is truly rewarding. We have observed significant outcomes, and our commitment is unwavering as we strive to further develop JTA, broaden its scope, and extend its benefits to an even larger workforce in the year ahead," said Justin Hilliard, Workforce Development Liaison. "It is a privilege to be awarded the Workforce Champion of the Year by AGC New Mexico, alongside our partners at CNMI.”

JTA's success lies in its diverse offering of over 100 skills-based trainings. Since its inception in 2020, JTA has engaged 1,145 workers from 214 Albuquerque small businesses. As of December 2023, participating businesses have reported remarkable outcomes, including the addition of over 791 jobs, a 24% increase in wages, and $37.5 million in additional annual earning power. These achievements underscore the program's success at  creating opportunities and enhancing career outcomes for Albuquerque's workforce.

JTA is currently accepting applications for a variety of trainings. A full list of courses, how to apply, and more can be found at