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Electrifying: ABQ RIDE Amps Up Service with Electric Vans

Microtransit program brings City a step closer to a zero emissions fleet.
July 02, 2024

City officials with new electric Ford van

ALBUQUERQUE – Today, ABQ RIDE announced the addition of five new electric vans in its fleet, as the feature vehicle of the ABQ RIDE Connect pilot program. City officials, Transit staff, and community members joined the occasion at the Ken Sanchez Transit Facility to celebrate another step forward in fleet electrification and zero emissions.

“We continue to move the needle forward to zero emissions by 2040,” said Mayor Tim Keller. “This program is taking transit to the next level of sustainability, and the electric vans will literally meet you at your doorstep to take you where you need to go.” In addition to the environmental and social benefits of the Ford E-Transit electric vans verses traditional unleaded vans, they are more affordable to maintain and operate, quieter, have fewer parts and less damage potential, and are reasonably priced and will continue to lower in price as technology advances. Other van features include:
• Seven-person capacity with six seats plus a wheelchair
• Handicap lift for a wheelchair
• Three-point harness seat belts for children.
• Quick-charging stations

“ABQ RIDE is committed to zero emissions to lower our greenhouse gas emissions and is thrilled to launch these electric vans as a welcome addition to our five electric buses,” said Transit Director Leslie Keener. “We are actively working on transitioning ABQ RIDE to be powered by alternative energy sources in the most cost effective and strategic manner possible.”

“The integration of electric vans into our fleet not only aligns with the City’s sustainability goals, the service they provide is a great fit for our comprehensive transit operation,” said Chief Financial Officer, Kevin Sourisseau. “They allow us to improve access and equity for our transit users while creating a greener future for us all.”

Transit Director Keener and City CFO, Kevin Sourisseau plug in one of the new electric passenger vans for the ABQ Ride Connect Pilot

“The ABQ RIDE Connect microtransit pilot program represents a customized transit solution essential for enhancing accessibility alongside our fixed-route bus system,” said City Councilor Tammy Fiebelkorn. “The introduction of electric vans further enhances this initiative. It marks a significant stride towards achieving our climate objectives by reducing vehicle usage and ensuring zero emissions from these new transit vehicles.”

Launched on March 18, 2024, ABQ RIDE Connect is a microtransit service that has provided more than 1,800 rides in the Rio Grande and Southwest Mesa service zones. Rides are hailed through an app, similar to Lyft, to connect areas with minimal fixed route service as a way to get around.

More information can be found on this program at Interviews available with ABQ RIDE Connect service users upon request.

Speakers: Kevin Sourisseau — Chief Financial Officer, City of Albuquerque; Leslie Keener – Transit Director, City of Albuquerque; Ann Simon – Deputy Director of Policy and Sustainability Officer, City of Albuquerque; Hayley Davidson – Transit Graphic Artist, City of Albuquerque; community members.

ABQ RIDE strives to be the first choice in transportation services for the Albuquerque Metropolitan area. By using this alternative to the single-occupant vehicle, riders are helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and alleviate traffic congestion while building a strong, resourceful, and sustainable community