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State and Local Officials Celebrate Completion of Major Upgrades to North Domingo Baca Multi-Generational Center

$5.2 million investment brings new gymnasium, amphitheater, elevated track, rock climbing wall and more to NE Community Hub

From Department of Municipal Development.

Mayor Tim Keller, City Councilor Brook Bassan, elected leaders, city leaders and community members celebrated the completion of phase III of the North Domingo Baca Multi-Generational Center today with a ribbon cutting to highlight the many improvements at the Northeast Albuquerque community hub.

Phase III improvements were completed about the same time the COVID-19 pandemic hit, but the opening was delayed as a result of the public health orders. The community will now be able to utilize the many amenities of this facility using COVID-safe practices.  

“Projects like these are a win-win to improve quality of life in our neighborhoods and boost the economy as we push our city into recovery,” said Mayor Tim Keller. “We saw how important these centers were for our COVID response, and now these state-of-the-art improvements will help people of all ages stay active and engaged at this community hub for years to come. Whether you’re a senior picking up a meal and taking a walk around the track or a family using the aftercare program and taking the kids to the new playground, there’s something for everyone.”

Phase III adds an additional 18,280 square feet to the Multigenerational Center and adds 55 parking spaces. The new square footage includes an NCAA-sized gymnasium for activities such as basketball, volleyball, pickleball, etc., and 360 seat bleachers. Above them is an elevated running track that is 100m and three lanes that overlook a rock-climbing wall and amphitheater. Other outdoor improvements are a children’s playground and a retaining wall along the northeast side.

“With this expansion, this facility will offer new ways for community members of all ages to connect, learn and play. While still continuing to adhere to the State’s Public Health Order, we are excited to begin offering scheduled, reservation time slots of the existing and new fitness areas,” said Senior Affairs Director Anna Sanchez.

Starting Monday, April 26, 2021 community members can use city facilities by appointment only. Please call the facility directly or call 311 to be transferred. Reserved time slots are required per the State Public Health Order at all community and multi-generational facilities throughout the city.

“North Domingo Baca Park and Multi-Generational Center has been significantly beneficial and treasured for everyone ranging from children to seniors. Today, we are celebrating the hard work and dedication of our leaders with the long-awaited ribbon cutting of the North Domingo Baca Brad Winter gymnasium. It is with great honor that we will then look forward to the final phase of adding the much-desired Aquatic Center, which will complete this magnificent community property to be thoroughly enjoyed for many years to come.” Said District 4 City Councilor Brook Bassan.

“This first-class facility is only getting better and is in position to serve more and more community members,” said former City Councilor Brad Winter. “Our staff is excited for the time when 9,000 plus people a month can visit.”

DMD managed the project, keeping things on time and within budget, Mick Rich Contractors built the project and Vigil and Associates Designed the North Domingo Baca Multi-Generational Center Phase III.