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Councilor Brook Bassan, APD, APS, and Project ChildSafe Hosted Drive-Thru Event for VIN Etching, Gun Lock Distribution, and Suicide Awareness

VIN Etching, gun locks, and resources provided are all free of charge at this safety event.

May 16, 2021

Yesterday, Albuquerque City Councilor Brook Bassan, the Albuquerque Police Department, Albuquerque Public Schools, and Project ChildSafe hosted a community drive-through event for free VIN Etching on vehicles and handed out free resources on firearm safety and suicide prevention for parents and gun owners at the Target parking lot near Paseo del Norte and I-25.

“APD’s VIN Etching program is a successful crime deterrent and aligning that with the gun lock distribution make it a great combination for community safety,” said Councilor Bassan. “Today’s events are just one in a series of these events. APD will continue provide the etching services and we’ll continue providing free gun locks and suicide prevention resources.”

Councilor Bassan APD VIN Etching and Gun Lock Distribution

Cars lined up to have as the Albuquerque Police Department provided free VIN Etching on vehicles. Etching your Vehicle Identification Number onto your car is one of the best ways to avoid car theft.

City Councilor Brook Bassan and numerous volunteers handed out free gun locks and provided resources to prevent and bring awareness to suicide. Unsecured guns can pose an accident risk to children and create opportunities for theft and misuse, including attempts at self-harm. Keeping guns out of the wrong hands can be accomplished when gun owners put safeguards in place appropriate to their home and family circumstances. Proper storage can help prevent guns from being stolen and used by criminals, and provide that vital “pause” that can mean the difference between life and death for people in crisis and contemplating suicide.

The “Project ChildSafe Albuquerque” initiative is to help prevent firearm accidents, thefts and misuse, including suicide. Attention on teen mental health and suicide prevention has increased during the COVID-19 pandemic. These events are meant to equip parents with resources and tips to have a conversation about mental health with their children and take steps to secure firearms and other potential lethal means. The socially distanced event provided free gun locks and educational materials to gun owners to encourage safe, responsible firearm storage in the home.