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San Pedro Project

Traffic study to assess the future traffic and safety operations along San Pedro Dr.


The purpose of this study is to asses the future traffic and safety operations along San Pedro Drive in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The analysis compares the safety and operations of the existing conditions, future conditions with no improvements, and future conditions with improvements along the entirety of the corridor.

The traffic analysis performed for this corridor included assessing two proposed alternatives for reconstructing San Pedro Drive. The two proposed alternatives are:

  • Design 01: Construct a two-lane section with a raised median and left turn lanes.
  • Design 02: Construct a four-lane section with a two-way left turn lane TWLTL).

Both the two and four lane sections will include bicycle lanes and sidewalk/ramp improvements.

Existing safety conditions were also evaluated to develop further understanding of potential issues to be addressed in the corridor. The trends identified in the safety analysis will be used to identify potential safety improvements to include in the analysis of alternatives.

Project Materials