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District 2 NeighborWoods

In 2016, Councilor Isaac Benton worked in partnership with TreeNM, members of the Albuquerque Chapter of the ASLA, the City Forester and State Forester to create a pilot project that would eventually become Albuquerque NeighborWoods.  He has since funded six NeighborWoods projects in District 2:

  • Wells Park - Read the Final Report on Wells Park
  • South Broadway
  • Barelas
  • Sawmill/Los Duranes
  • Downtown Neighborhood
  • Santa Barbara Martineztown
  • North Campus
  • San Jose/South Broadway
  • Netherwood Park

Councilor Benton is pleased to support neighborhood organizations that are committed to improving the forests in their neighborhood, by inviting neighborhoods in Council District 2 to submit an application to be considered for District 2 NeighborWoods Projects.

Who can apply?

Any neighborhood in Council District 2 can apply. The applicants do not have to be a recognized/registered neighborhood association to meet the requirements for the project. 

Project Selection

Only one neighborhood will be selected for each project.  Note that the application is made for the neighborhood as a whole; specific streets and/or locations will be determined with the neighborhood partners as part of the planning phase of each project.

Councilor Benton is funding two projects each year, one in the spring and one in the fall.

Applications will be evaluated and selected based on the following criteria:

  1. Neighborhood Information -  40 Points
    1. District 2 neighborhood (Y/N)
    2. Neighborhood Organization/Commitment 
    3. Neighborhood Need (application description, community canopy, health, and income level data)
  2. Communication – 30 Points
    1. Initial project communication
    2. On-going partner and neighborhood communication and support
  3. Long-Term Watering, Maintenance, and Monitoring – 30 Points
    1. Maintaining interest in the project
    2. Maintenance and watering of trees

The review committee will also consider community health, tree canopy, and income data in making their decisions about neighborhoods to receive trees. Neighborhood organizations are welcome to review data (not mandatory for application) on urban forest tree canopy, urban heat island, and air quality data in relation to their community forests, as well as sensitive populations, using the US Forest Service-funded Portland State University “Healthy Trees, Healthy People” website application and the US Forest Service iTree Landscape program.

Application Instructions

Interested neighborhoods may submit an application, either in electronic or hard copy, to:

By Mail

                      By E-mail

In Person


  Nathan Molina, Policy Analyst for City Councilor Isaac Benton    
P.O. Box
Albuquerque, NM 87103

[email protected]

One Civic Plaza NW
9th Floor, Suite 9087
Albuquerque, NM 87102
Link to Application

 Applicants will receive a confirmation of the receipt of their application.

Applicants should read and familiarize themselves with the requirements and timeline of the Albuquerque NeighborWoods Project and complete the application carefully.  If after reading the guidelines and application you have questions, contact Nathan Molina, 505-768-3332, [email protected].